The Heaven's Mandate is the 6th level of Cultivation.[1]

The Heaven's Mandate is a realm where the True Fate is refined in order to create a foundation for the future; when it would be refined into a Primordial Soul.[2]


  1. Offering True Fate (祭真命): In this stage a cultivator absorbs world’s essence while the Life Wheel rotates endlessly. Longevity Blood falls down into the Life Wheel and is refined, allowing the True Fate to become stronger and bigger.[2]
  2. True Understanding Searching (索真解): In this stage the True Fate spews out a bright light. The Fate Palace Merit Law is turned into magical runes and the True Fate activated them.[2]
  3. Turning Mysterious Truths (转奥义): In this stage universal laws are interwoved into a dao paper and the magical runes are engraved as a seal on top of the dao paper. When the last magical rune fell down onto the dao paper, all of this profound truths are buried inside the True Fate becoming part of it.[2]
  4. Transforming Dao Law (化道法):[2]


  • 7 Appearance(s) of Heaven's Mandate
  • 1 Character(s) at the Heaven's Mandate level
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