At the start of the Emperors Era, Dark Crow spent countless resources to create a home for Su Ru and her son from Immortal Emperor Min Ren. However, because Dark Crow felt guilty towards Su Ru, he never visited the Heaven's Edge's Su Clan again.[1]

The Clan was named by Su Ru with a hidden meaning: "No matter how far the Heaven's Edge was, her love for Min Ren would never change."[1]

The Heaven's Edge's Su Clan stayed in seclusion ever since, and no one knew about it in the Nine Worlds.[2]

Difficult Dao Era

Around 1,000 years before the end of the Difficult Dao Era, Liu San Jian from Immortal Emperor Min Ren's Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect discovered few rumors about Emperor having living descendants. Liu San Jian chose his youngest disciple Tu Bu Yu to verify these rumors and find Min Ren's descendants, in order to find his Immortal Emperor Merit Laws.[1]

Tu Bu Yu then spent many years traveling around the Mortal Emperor World. Eventually, Tu Bu Yu discovered the Heaven's Edge's Su Clan. The Clan had not had any Immortal Emperor Merit Laws, but they still agreed to help and send their prime descendant Su Yonghuang to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[1]

The Su Clan also made an exception and allowed Tu Bu Yu to cultivate their defining technique - the War God Formula.[1]


The Su Clan is situated in the secluded part of the Mortal Emperor World,[note 1] that's why it is known as Heaven's Edge.[note 2][2][1]


Because Dark Crow felt guilty towards Su Ru and out of respect for her achievements and contributions, he made an exception in his rules and allowed Su Ru to pass over the Physique Scripture's Solar Immortal Physique Merit Law and the War God Formula to her and Min Ren's descendants.[1][3]


Secret Channel

The Heaven's Edge's Su Clan has a secret chanel that can be opened from their Clan to the Cavalry Town in the Heaven Spirit World.[4]


  • Every year on the Dragon Heads Raising Day the Su Clan hold a great honoring ceremony. This tradition was established by Su Ru, and was performed ever since for millions of years. However, Su Ru had not revealed what exactly is honored - it is the day Min Ren was born.[5]


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  • 1 Technique(s) used by Heaven's Edge's Su Clan


    1. When the Heaven's Will was torn apart at the end of the Emperors Era, the paths between Nine Worlds collapsed and no one could visit another world. Tu Bu Yu discovered the Heaven's Edge's Su Clan during the Difficult Dao Era, so Heaven's Edge's Su Clan can be situated only in the Mortal Emperor World.
    2. (天涯: Heaven's Edge) means the other end of the world / a faraway place in this usage.
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