Gu Qiyu was taken in by the Wenren Clan when he was a child. His talents were exceptional on top of being diligent, resulting in his great cultivation. Though he couldn’t become the successor for the clan, he would be one of its pillars in the future.

He and Wenren Lurui were childhood sweethearts. When she left the clan to escape her engagement to the Dongfang Clan he was sent to find her. His mission was to take her back to the clan but he couldn’t do it. In the end, he helped her escape into a very remote area.

During the perilous getaway, they finally took the next step and became husband and wife. After settling her in, he came back to the Wenren Clan and guaranteed her that he would publicly win her hand in marriage.

However five years ago, during a skirmish between Soaring Hawk and the Wenren, Qiyu wanted to contribute greatly to have the chance, so he rushed into the battlefield to kill many opposing experts. Alas, though the Wenren Clan won that battle, Qiyu also died on that day. [1]


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