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South Emperor was born in the same generation as Hong Tian during the Emperors Era. He is extremely talented, to the point that he is among the top ten geniuses across the ages. At fifteen he was already powerful enough to became an Immortal Emperor, but was defeated by Hong Tian and decided to seal himself to evade one era. He came out at twenty, only to met Bing Yu and be defeated once more. He sealed himself again and came out at thirty, but was again defeated, this time by Qian Li. Having no choice, South Emperor hid again.[1]

Current Era

South Emperor came out in the Current Era hoping to finally obtain the Heaven's Will, but was frustrated to find that this time it was Li Qiye himself who wanted to became an Immortal Emperor.

Later, he decided to put aside his ego and seek advice from Li Qiye as the Sacred Teacher of Immortal Emperors. Li Qiye gives him 2 options. One of them is to evade this generation and become a Immortal Emperor in next generation, and the second is to live dazzlingly and chose the path of Immortal Monarch.

Tenth World

He was among many people whom Li Qiye brought to the Tenth World with him after he became an Immortal Emperor.

He becomes a 4 Heaven's Will Immortal Monarch in the Tenth World with the potential to gain 12, by drawing 4 Primal Wills (the first Heaven's Will formed in an era) which is purer than the normal one and makes obtaining subsequent Wills easier.[2]

Later he participated in the Emperor Demise and killed Virtuous.



  • Nine Heavens Rampaging Thrust[4]


  • Sky Piercer Halberd[4]


  • Gu Guo is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[1]
  • Gu Guo is one of the few inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who had successfully ascended to the Tenth World.[?]


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    1. Gu Guo took the four Primary Heaven's Wills, the first four created during an era, which makes it easier for him to take more Heaven's Wills in the future
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