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Gu Chun (古纯: Ancient Purity) was born at the start of the Desolate Era.[1]

Immortal Emperor

When he was young, Gu Chun went to the Charming Fragmented Realm and obtained a supreme fortune, the source of the Charming Spirits that helped him to become the first Immortal Emperor in the history.[2][3]

He then created the Gu Chun's Four Branches.[4]

Stone At The Peak

At some point, after he became an Immortal Emperor, Gu Chun visited the Prime Ominous Grave's Divine Dragon Mountain. He tried to obtain the Stone At The Peak, but it ignored him, so Gu Chun went away.[5]


Fate Palace

Gu Chun was one of the very few cultivators through the history who opened 11 Fate Palaces.[1]



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