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The Great Maelstrom is one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds.[?] It has a connection to the origin of the Charming Spirits.[1]

An ancient existence lives at the bottom of the Great Maelstrom.[2]

Current Era

Li Qiye came to the Great Maelstrom and stole Life Origination from this ancient existence. After that he used the Era Petrification Ray and the Bronze Box to kill it.[2]


The Great Maelstrom is located in the Abyss Sea region of the Heaven Spirit World.[3]


Its size is beyond imagination, endless miles of ocean are orbiting around it. The Great Maelstrom possess a power of suction that would devour everything. Even a continent couldn't be able to escape this vortex and would instantly be ripped into pieces the moment it made contact. Outside of Immortal Emperors, even the most invincible Godking wouldn't dare to venture deeper.[4]

Inside the Great Maelstrom, everything was torn apart. Even time and space became fragmented into small parts. Any intruder would find themselves being bitten by this terrifying force. They wouldn't come out even if they wanted to due to the disorderly nature of the fabric of realities in this place.[2]


  • Life Origination



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