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It is Grandpa Sheng's Heavenly Cauldron.[1]

Grandpa Sheng used this Cauldron to refine a King Physique Paste for Li Qiye.[1]


It is a large cauldron as tall as two people, and it's double the size of a large water container. This cauldron had the shape of an Auspicious Beast, and the mouth of the cauldron was like the wide sea, seemingly able to swallow the three rivers.[1]


  • Medicinal Treasure: Grandpa Sheng fed it Eight Jewel Grass, Six Daisies Leaf, Violet Coral Branch and other plants helpful for tempering Ointments.[1]
  • Origin Flame: It is a natural Origin Yin Flame type; however, Grandpa Sheng used the Eight Jewel Grass that changed the Flame, adding firmness inside the softness.[1]


  • 1 Appearance(s) of Grandpa Sheng's Heavenly Cauldron
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