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Grand Emperor Lineages (帝统仙门: Imperial Lineage and Immortal Gate) are sects or clans that were created by a Grand Emperor or Immortal Monarch and/or produced one at some point of their existence.

Immortal Emperors are forced to leave the Nine Worlds soon after shouldering the Heaven's Will, so, they can stay with their Imperial Lineages only for a short time.

In the Tenth World, on the other hand, Grand Emperors, Immortal Monarchs and ascended Immortal Emperors can stay with their Lineages and can personally protect them for a long time. Thus these Lineages are more powerful than any in the Nine Worlds.[1]

List of Grand Emperor and Immortal Monarch Lineages[]

Name # Founder Race Description
Qian Clan 9 Qian Dao Heaven Emperor Heaven Race
Jilin Clan 3 Immortal Monarch Jilin Hundred Races
Sun Shrouding Gate 1 Sun Shrouding Divine Emperor Divine Race Part of the Jilin Clan
Heavenly Phoenix Country 1 Heavenly Phoenix Immortal Monarch Hundred Races
Divine Dragon Mountain (Tenth World) 2 Qi Gong Hundred Races
War-Monarch Clan 6 War Monarch Heaven Emperor Heaven Race
  • War-Search Heaven Emperor
  • Unnamed Emperor (killed during Emperor Hunt)
  • 6th: Jin Ge
Donggong Clan 1 Eastern Palace Heaven Emperor Heaven Race (Clan destroyed by Li Qiye and Star Stomper High God)
Dragon Citadel 4 Can Long Hundred Races and Three Races
  • 2nd: Unnamed Grand Emperor
  • 3rd: Unnamed Immortal Monarch
  • 4th: Unnamed Grand Emperor
Heaven Searching Sect 4 Heaven Searching Immortal Monarch Hundred Races First Immortal Monarch Lineage from the Hundred Races
Sunset Glow Valley 2 Sunset Glow Fairy Devil Race
Archaic Repository 8 Min Ren (embarked on the 5th Ultimate Expedition) Hundred Races
  • Tun Ri
  • Qian Yu
  • 5 Immortal Monarchs
Mysterious Bamboo Mountain (Tenth World) 7 Hundred Races
Freesky Sect 5 Freesky Immortal Monarch Hundred Races (all Immortal Monarchs killed by Li Qiye)
Immortal Gate 9 Purewood Divine Emperor

[note 1]

(destroyed by the Ancient Ming)[2]
Rumination School 4 (fell to a Heavenly Execution)[3] Hundred Races (all Immortal Monarchs killed by Li Qiye)
Oblivion Clan 4 Winged-Oblivion Devil Emperor Devil Race (all Grand Emperors killed by Li Qiye)
Clearing Flow 3 Yan Wu Hundred Races
  • Stoneraiser Immortal Monarch
  • Unnamed Immortal Monarch

List of Imperial Groups[]

Some Grand Emperors form imperial groups to widen their influence or the influence of their race. These groups are the main players in the political structure of the thirteen continents.

Name # Leader Race Description
Sentinel 5 Sentry Arrow Devil Emperor Three Races

(annihilated by Li Qiye)

Celestial Court Darkness Heaven Emperor

Solidarity Heaven Emperor

World Emperor (retired)

Three Races
Heavenly Authority World Emperor Heaven Race Highest symbol of authority in the thirteen continents, the strongest group available. Only Grand Emperors with ten wills and up are eligible to join.[4] It is much older than any imperial lineage.[5]
Heaven's Ender Hao Hai Hundred Races Founded by Ba Zhen to counter Heavenly Authority.[5]
Purewood Alliance Purewood Divine Emperor
White Crane Legion Dark Crow's main force. Not clear whether emperors are also part of the legion.
Reign's group 5 Reign Divine Emperor Divine Race Participated in the Attack on Celestial Academy.[6]

(annihilated by Li Qiye)

War Alliance Sword Emperor Three Races
  • God-Edge Divine Emperor
  • Dragonspear Devil Emperor

The newest imperial group.[7]

Brilliant Platform Brilliant Devil Emperor (fallen to the darkness) Devil Race The large imperial organization of the Devil Race.[8]


  • 17 Character(s) at the Grand Emperor Lineages level


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    1. It is older than the Qian Clan, founded by Qian Dao, who was probably the first Grand Emperor after Purewood
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