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Grand Dao Treasure Metals (大道宝金) are a type of material used to create Life Treasures.

Grand Dao Treasure Metals were born with innate dao runes called Grand Dao Metal Runes (大道金文) or Grand Dao Treasure Runes (大道宝文). These runes are very precious because if you use a Merit Law with the same element as the runes when you refining these metals, it would yield a Life Treasure with double power.[1] However, the power of these runes could only be activated by experts above the Royal Noble realm.[2]

Grand Dao Treasure Metals could contain several runes; the more runes it contain, the more precious the metal is. Metals with more than 3 runes are extremely rare and have their own names:

  • King Iron (皇铁): metals with 4-5 runes;
  • Saint Copper (圣铜): metals with 6-7 runes;
  • Immortal Gold (仙金): metals with 8-9 runes.[2]


  • 14 Appearance(s) of Grand Dao Treasure Metals
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