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The Golden Isle is a very powerful lineage in the Jade Sea and even across the entire Heaven Spirit World. As a lineage of the Treants, it had two Treefathers: Golden Bamboo Father and Silver Treefather. This great heritage allowed them to tread proudly throughout the World.[1][2]

Current Era

Groom Competition

In order to find a good partner for their main descendant, the Golden Isle invited many men from the Human Race to participate in a groom competition. When the winner was already almost decided, Li Qiye crashed into the testing ground and accidentally won the competition.[1]


The Golden Isle is situated in the Jade Sea region of the Heaven Spirit World.[1]


The Golden Isle is a vast archipelago with more than a hundred islands. The main foundation of the Golden Isle is based on two gigantic trees, the Golden Isle's Treefathers. They are situated in the central area of the archipelago and many islands here were created by the intertwining roots and branches of these two trees.[2]

Apart from the main area, there are also other islands. Some were made from a great amount of refined sea water, some were made out of gold and silver, some were floating in the sky while others were hanging on tree branches.[2]

In addition to many vegetations and trees on the islands, there was also a lot of coral and seaweed surrounding the area. They grew very well as if they were sky-piercing trees arranged in a very spectacular manner.[2]


  • 4 Character(s) from Golden Isle


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