Golden Child is the Prime Descendant of the Hundred Bones Sacred Tribe.[1]

Coffin-Tapping Imp Auction

Golden Child participated in the Coffin-Tapping Imp Auction in Necropolis. Upon his arrival, Golden Child mediated the quarrel between Ye Sha and Divine Spark Prince.[1]

When the Auction started, Golden Child tried to compete for the Heavenly Jade Cicada, but was interrupted by Li Qiye. Golden Child intimidated Li Qiye to give up, yet was completely ignored by him.[2]

Golden Child then competeted for other items, but all his bets were declined by Coffin-Tapping Imp. When Golden Child competeted for the Bronze Coffin and Purple Coffin, he was once again interrupted by Li Qiye, which enraged Golden Child.[3]

After the end of the Auction Golden Child went his way.[4]

Ye Sha's Death

Golden Child was among many witnesses of Li Qiye's chase after Ye Sha and was utterly flabbergasted of how easily Li Qiye killed Ye Sha and Mo Lidao. Although Golden Child was dissatisfied with Li Qiye's behavior, he did not dare to interfere.[5]

Entering Nightsea

When Nightsea has become clear, Golden Child, along with many other geniuses, went to explore the new realm under the Nightsea. They all were stopped at a deeper juncture in the ocean. They tried different methods to pass deeper, but all had failed.[6]


As a member of the Hundred Bones Sacred Tribe, Golden Child looks like a golden skeleton without any flesh. Golden flames are burning in his eye sockets as if it is his soul or pupils.[1]


Golden Child's color of bones as well as soul flames in his eye sockets indicate his powerful Cultivation. His bones could withstand an attack from a Heavenly King True Treasure, a feat impossible for ordinary Heavenly Kings.[1]


Heavenly Sovereign.[7] He is more powerful than the Little Sovereign.[7]


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