Ancient Ming Era

Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty was founded in this place. Later, the Dark Crow and the Nine Worlds Alliance fought aganist them in the Immortal Execution War and Immortal Emperor Long Ming was killed in the where now is the Prime peak. After the war, huge amounts of bodies were turned into the actual peaks of the mountains and the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation was left to deal remnants of this war (evil sentiments).

Emperors Era

With this formation in effect, all cultivators were suppresed, but thay still came because the images generated by the formation as side effect could be used for enlightment.[1]

Current Era

Li Qiye removed the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation and the suppresion was lifted.[2]


Godwar Mountains is located in the Barren Earth region of the Mortal Emperor World near to the Holy City.[3]



Godwar Mountains is a mountain range with wondrous lights that emerged from its peaks. Runes and immortal hymns appeared on the hills with some intertwining universal laws. Due the effect of the formation, the deeper one went the more suppresion one suffer but also the more lights it could appear.[4]



  • Chaotic Wheel of Time: Chaotic temporal distortions created by Immortal Emperors that had unleashed attacks that pierced through time and shattered its fabric.[5]


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