The Godslaying Night Corps was created by Dark Crow during the Ancient Ming Era. Back then the Ancient Ming Race was too strong for direct confrontation, so he had no choice but use indirect methods. Dark Crow established the Godslaying Night Corps and created the Godslaying Dao. Thanks to it they became the most prominent and terrifying assassination group.[1]

The Godslaying Night Corps killed many geniuses from the Ancient Ming Race, the ones with the potential to become invincible. They took it a step further by initiating complicated long-term assassinations against this race's supremes in order to weaken them.[1]

The Godslaying Night Corps never showed themselves to the world and remained in the darkness. However, they set up many opportunities for the eventual victory, so it was full of accolades and merits.[1]


When the Ancient Ming Era ended, the Godslaying Night Corps had completed its mission. There was no longer a need for assassinations. It stopped training new assassins. The older generation began to die from old age or hid in seclusion, and their leader chose to live in seclusion as well.[1]

Before he left, Dark Crow handed control of the Corps over to the leader, including the manuals of the Godslaying Dao, the Coiling Dragon Sword that represented the highest authority of the Corps, and the Godslaying Dragon Cannons.[1]

Dark Crow told the leader that it was up to him to decide whether to continue the Corps or not. The Godslaying Night Corps secretly continued to exist in the Heaven Spirit World.[1]

Current Era

Sima Yujian joined the Corps and quickly became well versed assassin.[1][2]




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