The Godslaying Dao was created by Dark Crow during the Ancient Ming Era. Back then the Ancient Ming Race was too strong for direct confrontation, so he had no choice but use indirect methods. Dark Crow established the Godslaying Night Corps and thanks to the Godslaying Dao they became the most prominent and terrifying assassination group.[1]

The Godslaying Night Corps used the Godslaying Dao to kill many geniuses from the Ancient Ming Race, the ones with the potential to become invincible. They took it a step further by initiating complicated long-term assassinations against this race's supremes in order to weaken them.[1]

Current Era

Sima Yujian obtained the Godslaying Dao and thanks to it she quickly became well versed assassin in the Heaven Spirit World.[2][1]


The Godslaying Dao is a supreme Dao created specifically for stealthy and speedy assassinations.[3][1]


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