Godking is the title granted to the experts of Virtuous Ancestor stage, the highest stage of Virtuous Paragons on the Path of the Grand Era.[1]

During the Desolate Era, Godking bestowment was rare and even living Immortal Emperors were envious of this title.[?]

During the Ancient Ming Era, a True God created a divine investiture platform to bestow this title to Dark Crow's generals. An accepted Godking would be recognized by the True Gods as a real god.[?]

During the Emperors Era, only Immortal Emperors could bestow this title.[2]

In the Current Era, Many self-proclaimed Godkings were far from reaching the Virtuous Ancestor level.[1]


  1. Grand Godking (大神皇)[3]
  2. Celestial Godking / Heavenly Godking (天神皇)[4][3]
  3. Supreme Godking (至尊神皇)[3]
  4. Apex Godking (极道神皇):[3] The highest level of ordinary Godkings. At this level, one must break the shackles of the grand dao in order to reach the next level.[5]
  5. Dominating Godking / World-Dominating Godking (横世神皇)[3][5]
  6. Nine Worlds Godking (九界神皇)[3]
  7. Legendary Godking (传奇神皇): The ultimate limit of the Path of the Grand Era.[6]


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