Godking is the title granted to the experts of Virtuous Ancestor stage, the highest stage of Virtuous Paragons on the Path of the Grand Era.[1]

During the Desolate Era, Godking bestowment was rare and even living Immortal Emperors were envious of this title.[?]

During the Ancient Ming Era, a True God created a divine investiture platform to bestow this title to Dark Crow's generals. An accepted Godking would be recognized by the True Gods as a real god.[?]

During the Emperors Era, only Immortal Emperors could bestow this title.[2]

In the Current Era, Many self-proclaimed Godkings were far from reaching the Virtuous Ancestor level.[1]

Real Godkings were even more extraordinary. They were top level existences without superiors! A real Godking wasn’t only bestowed the title by an Immortal Emperor, they must also be recognized by the nine worlds as well as the invincible generals and officials of that time! This type of Godking was the real deal!

The truth was that a real Godking would only appear twice or thrice each generation. As for those who called themselves “Godking” or were referred to as such by others, they were most likely unqualified for this title.[3]


  1. Grand Godking (大神皇)[4]
  2. Celestial Godking / Heavenly Godking (天神皇)[5][4]
  3. Supreme Godking (至尊神皇)[4]
  4. Apex Godking (极道神皇):[4] The highest level of ordinary Godkings. At this level, one must break the shackles of the grand dao in order to reach the next level.[6]
  5. Dominating Godking / World-Dominating Godking (横世神皇)[4][6]
  6. Nine Worlds Godking (九界神皇)[4]
  7. Legendary Godking (传奇神皇): The ultimate limit of the Path of the Grand Era.[7]


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