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The Godhalt Continent is the only continent of the Heaven Spirit World. Even though there are other land masses, they are not called continents. Godhalt is the only true continent and is great in size. However, not too many living beings are willing to live on the Godhalt Continent as there aren't many sects and nations established here. Just the name alone is enough for people to understand; this is a place where even gods had to slow their pace. Naturally, the place with a name like this is not very suitable for building a happy home.[2]

Background information

The continent seems to be owned and sealed by an existence greater than anything that could exist within the nine worlds. Something that is ancient and impossible to trace. (Chapter 1406)

The land is vast and fertile to an unimaginable extent. The roots of the immortal injury peony couldn't even reach the end of the land even if it tried. The veins beneath the land couldn't be moved either as it has already been sealed. (Chapter 1406)

Even immortal plants that tries to take root in this fertile land would eventually be harvested and benefit the mysterious existence who owns the land. (Chapter 1406)

The immortal plants have theorised that if they could take its creation, then although they won't reach immortality, they would be able to live for a very long time. (Chapter 1406)

Godhalt is also one of the three mysterious existence of the Heaven Spirit World along with Bonesea and the Maelstorm. (Chapter 1537)


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  • 2 Sect(s) from Godhalt Continent
  • 1 Place(s) from Godhalt Continent


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