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God-Monarch is the title granted to the experts of Virtuous God stage, the penultimate level of Virtuous Paragons on the Path of the Grand Era.[3]

As for apex existences, there were several theories. Some people considered God-Monarchs to be apex existences while others considered Godkings to be at this level.

Of course, there were also those who considered God-Monarchs as eternal existences. There was also a distinction with this title. If the monarch was bestowed the title by an Immortal Emperor, then this monarch could be considered an apex existence.

So to speak, if a God-Monarch personally dubbed themselves with this title or if it was flattery from low level cultivators, then they would only be considered an eternal existence.[4]


  1.  Minor Monarch (小神王: Minor God-Monarch)[2]
  2.  Intermediate Monarch (中神王: Intermediate God-Monarch)[2]
  3.  Grand Monarch (大神王: Grand God-Monarch)[2]
  4.  True Monarch (真神王: True God-Monarch)[2]
  5.  Bestowed Monarch (帝封神王: Emperor Bestowed God-Monarch)[2]


  • 10 Appearance(s) of God-Monarch
  • 4 Character(s) at the God-Monarch level
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