The Giant Bamboo Country was founded by Yan'er at the end of the Ancient Ming Era and/or start of the Emperors Era[1][2] shortly after the end of the Immortal Execution War. A village at the territory of the future Giant Bamboo Country served as a base of the Dark Crow's Nine Worlds Alliance, so when the Country was created many powerful lineages and even Immortal Emperors from all over the Nine Worlds came to congratulate its founding.[3]

The future generations, however, didn't knew the reasons, only that many powerful lineages came to congratulate their Progenitor. They believed that it was because of her own power and fame.[3]

Giant Bamboo Country is a country of demons, and the succession process was not hereditary. After establishing his country, the Giant Bamboo Progenitor established a creed that allowed the most virtuous and talented to rule.[3]


Giant Bamboo Country is the Country situated in the Alchemy Realm region of the Stone Medicine World.[4][3] It is lies at the tail of the Elegant Azure Mountains, one of the eight Grand Veins of Stone Medicine.[6]



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