Dark Crow brought the seedling of this bamboo tree from one of the Ominous Grounds,[1] during the Ancient Ming Era or maybe even earlier.[2] Years later Yan'er established her country and built the capital under the tree; she named the country after this bamboo tree.[3] It will continue to exist and grow stronger, as long as it chooses not to gain sentience and cultivate unlike Allpine Treefather.

Current Era

In the Current Era no one knows origin of this tree and there are very few writings about it even in the Giant Bamboo Country's imperial palace. Rumor has it that the Country would remain strong for as long as the tree continued to live. Another legend dictated that the Giant Bamboo is the Heavenly Guardian of the Giant Bamboo Country, that the tree itself is an invincible god that had always protected the Country. This was the reason why the Giant Bamboo Country continued to exist for millions of years.[3]


It is a giant bamboo tree.


Despite being a simple tree without consciousness, it is powerful enought to kill a Virtuous Paragon with one branch, and destroy entire clan with another. It is quite similar to a Treefather.


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