Ghost Insect Evil Child is a disciple of the Insect King Imperial Lineage. He is a world-renowned genius.[1]


Ghost Insect Evil Child came to the Nightsea in Necropolis when it has become clear. Along with many other geniuses, he went to explore the new realm under the Nightsea, but they all were stopped at a deeper juncture in the ocean. They tried different methods to pass deeper, but all had failed.[2]

In order to pass deeper, Ghost Insect Evil Child arranged the alliance of geniuses from various powerful Sects and Nations, including Divine Spark Prince and Golden Child, with him as a leader.[3][1]

When Li Qiye appeared at the Nightsea, Ghost Insect Evil Child aggressively demanded that he prostrate and bow to Divine Spark Prince to apologize. Backed by Ghost Insect Evil Child, Divine Spark Prince started to threaten Li Qiye, but was slapped by him several times. Enraged by Li Qiye's behavior, Ghost Insect Evil Child used his Nether Insect King to attack Li Qiye, but it was instantly scared witless by Myriad Heavenly Cauldron's fire and run away back to Ghost Insect Evil Child. His next attack was stopped by Jian Xuan who humilated Ghost Insect Evil Child even more, compared him to chicken that can be easily killed by Li Qiye.[4]


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