The Ghost-Devourer is a mythical creature so rare that even Li Qiye had never seen one before finding its prison. It was created as a heaven's punishment when an existence tried and failed to create life. It was made from that existence own ribs. Because of its creation as a punishment it was both murderous and bloodthirsty but luckily the Ghost-Devourer Lock, a lock capable of restraining and weakening it, was also created from the punishment. However at some point the lock was lost and the Ghost-Devourer escaped at that time, countless people died, creating flowing rivers of blood and mountains of corpses and the Ghost Immortal Race was nearly eradicated.[1] Eventually, that existence caught the devourer after many earth-shaking events. After capturing it, that existence imprisoned it in the hundredth Lost mythical island of the Thousand Islands surrounded by ninety-nine Primal Ghost-Cannons.

Current Era

Li Qiye found and freed the Ghost-Devourer while pacifying it with the Lock.


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