One of the Legend concerning the origin of the Ghost Immortal Race say that their Progenitor had ninety-nine descendants, therefore during immemorial eras ghost race members carved the images of the ninety-nine ghosts in order to honor the origin of the ghost race.[1] Although this Legend is despised by the ghost race and the one believing it treated as heretics, Li Qiye thinks it is not an aimless arrow.[2] The Ghost's Origin Ancestral Key activate the Primal Ghost-Cannon.[3]

Current Era

Li Qiye found it at the Grave's auction in the Hundred Cities.[1] He used the Ghost Locust Tree runic array that he carved along with the Ghost Attracting Medicine to charge the Key so he could use it later to destroy the Ancestral Domain.[4]


The Ghost's Origin Ancestral Key has the appearance of wooden ruler with ninety-nine little ghosts carved on it.[2] Li Qiye met the ninety-nine ghosts represented on the Key on the Path of Death of the Prime Ominous Grave.[5] It is made from Ghost Ancestral Wood coming from the Ghost Ancestral Tree.[2]


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