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The Fire Tribe is one of the Three Immortals World's four major Races, which proliferated through all the worlds.[1]

Another common belief was that the fire tribe was the descendant of Emperor Sui. Thus, they considered themselves to be a main branch in Three Immortals.

Members of the fire tribe were born in flame, so the Land of the Fire Souces is the best place for them to temper their physical constitution.[2]


They sometimes seem to be shrouded in flame, probably while preparing for battle.[1]

Fire God’s Primal Shield

This symbolic power of their race can only be summoned once a firekin reaches the apex comprehension of fire. It is closely connected to the Myriad Flame, and therefore could also be summoned by Li Qiye.[3]


  • 5 Representative(s) of Fire Tribe
  • 1 Lineage(s) of Fire Tribe


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