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Fei Yang (飞扬: Sky-High) was born during the Desolate Era in the Nantian Clan and became an Immortal Emperor.[1] He, however, never announced that he was a member of the Nantian Clan and thus the Southern Heavenly Kingdom never dared to declare itself as an Imperial Lineage.[2][3]

He was one of the most domineering Emperors in history. Even before becoming an Immortal Emperor, he walked across the Nine Worlds unchallenged and is credited with being a unifying force in the early wild days.

During the Desolate Era the Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk was obtained by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang from the Buddhist Burial Plateau.[4] Later generations, however, believed that the Disk was created by him from the mantras from the Space Scripture.

His banner was his weapon and he flew it high across all Nine Worlds. Interestingly enough, he never left behind a legacy for the Southern Heavenly Kingdom. According to Li Qiye, his accomplishments were his own and he received little to no help from his clan. Therefore, he felt that they were unworthy of his legacy.

It's said one of the woman who loved him did the deed but fled to create a village composed of his descendant in the Sacred Nether World.

Stone At The Peak

At some point, after he became an Immortal Emperor, Fei Yang visited the Prime Ominous Grave's Divine Dragon Mountain. He tried to obtain the Stone At The Peak, but it ignored him. Fei Yang drew an ugly girl on top of the Stone and went away. After he left, whenever the full moon came, an ugly girl would appear from the Stone and kissed it while whispering coquettishly: "I'll always think of you. Come with me, love." Only when his reign ended the seal on the Stone slowly dissipated away.[5]

Current Era

Fei Yang's spirit was one of thirteen spirits of Immortal Emperors which plotted with Li Qiye to destroy Ancestral Domain's Dark Existence once and for all.[6]


Fei Yang praised himself as the best lover in the Nine Worlds, capable to deal with six thousand goddesses.[5]



  • Li Qiye as the Dark Crow had once gone against the heavens and calculated a taboo matter. Perhaps, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang was buried in Soaring Remembrance Village. Of course, this was only a possibility and its authenticity was hard to prove.[8]Unless someone was able to release the emperor’s powerful seal, none would be able to find the answer.
  • Fei Yang is probably the last Immortal Emperor of the Desolate Era and the first Emperor of the Desolate Expansion Era as he was mentioned to be from both of these eras.[2][1] Or it could be the author's error.
  • Li Qiye mentioned that Immortal Emperor Fei Yang stole his wife that year, when she was already married beforehand.[9]

“ Even if she was married already, you can still rob her away. That year, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang did this kind of thing before „
Li Qiye encouraging Chi Xiaodao to chase after Princess Bao Yun before mentioning one of Immortal Emperor Fei Yang's great deeds[9]


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