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Fei (飞: Soaring) was the second Immortal Emperor of the Human Race. While he wasn't the strongest Immortal Emperor, he was the most influential one.[1]

He created the Soaring Immortal Sect.[2]

Fei was one of the very few cultivators through the history who opened 11 Fate Palaces.[2]

Stone At The Peak

At some point, after he became an Immortal Emperor, Fei visited the Prime Ominous Grave's Divine Dragon Mountain. He tried to obtain the Stone At The Peak, but it ignored him. Fei then wanted to forcefully take it away, but the price for it was too large, so he abandoned this plan and went away.[3]

He also co-founded the Celestial Academy in the Tenth World with his wife who was the daughter of Deepsouth Divine Emperor, a 12 Heaven's Will Emperor of the Deity Clan.[4]



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