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The Fate Palace (命宫) is one of the three main attributes of the Cultivation. Every person is born with the Physique, Life Wheel, and Fate Palace. The Fate Palace shows person's innate aptitude and talent for Cultivation.[1] Its level decides cultivator's ability to understand profound Merit Laws and create a personalized Grand Dao.[2]


The Fate Palace have the following ranking from lowest to highest:[3]

The Fate Palace's level is inborn and, unlike Physique, can't be changed through cultivation.[4] Even so, many cultivators consider Fate Palace to be more important than Physique, because it is the foundation of cultivation. While powerful Physique can grant more strength, but only Fate Palace could grant ability to understand Dao and reach higher stages in cultivation.[2]

Fate Changing[]

The only known method to change Fate Palace is by using profound alchemy art known as Fate Changing, but very few alchemists can use it.[5]


The Fate Palace appears above person's head when opened.[?]

The Fate Palace is hidden inside the Ni Gong meridian (泥宫穴),[note 1] located on top of the forehead.[6][7]

The Fate Palace is crystal clear and has an ancient design. It emits light whose brightness depends on the level of the Palace.[7]


The space inside the Fate Palace is very vast, approaching infinity.[8]

True Fate (真命)[]

In the middle of the Fate Palace there are a radiant light. This light was the soul, also called the True Fate or the three souls and seven spirits. The True Fate determines the fate of a person through his life. The True Fate also allows a person to connect to the heavens and earth to borrow their energy, letting the cultivators gain magical powers; but in order to do it, first it must be awakened with a Fate Palace Merit Law.[8]

Eight Desolates[]

In this current epoch, At the beginning of cultivation, regular cultivators’ true fate was only a faint radiance. This was the shape of the soul. Through the gestation of the Grand Daos and chaos true energy, Chaos true energy engulfs the fate palace of a cultivator. The worldly energy, grand dao power, and self-vitality (anima/true energy) are being channeled and refined into this true energy by the four symbols. It serves to gestate the true fate. the true fate would slowly grow stronger and manifest into a different form. At the Enlightened Being Manifestation realm, the true fate would look like a miniature copy of the cultivator. This would allow cultivators to control powerful weapons. As the true fate grows stronger, so do one’s techniques and abilities.

An inborn true fate gives one incredible talent like the favourites of the heaven. Merit laws and mantra restrictions no longer apply.

Fate Palace Four Symbols[]

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The Fate Palace Four Symbols (命宫四象) are located in the four corners of the Fate Palace.

  • Spring of Life: It is a gigantic spring in the east corner of the Fate Palace. It is supposedly a source of life and fate energy. Before True Fate's awakening the Spring of Life will be dry without any water.[8]
  • Cauldron of Life: It is a huge cauldron in the west corner of the Fate Palace. Before True Fate's awakening the Cauldron of Life will be fireless. Cauldron of Life's flame is known as the Soul Fire because people believes that the souls are its source. The Soul Fire can burn and dissolve any existence.[8][10]
  • Tree of Life: It is a massive, sky-piercing tree in the south corner of the Fate Palace. The Tree of Life is the most mysterious of the Fate Palace Four Symbols, it is supposedly can steal great fortune from the heavens. Before True Fate's awakening the Tree of Life will be dead.[8]
  • Pillar of Life: It is a a towering pillar that connects the heavens and the earth. It is located in the north corner of the Fate Palace. The Pillar of Life is also known as the source of life; without it, nothing would exist. The Pillar of Life is engraved by countless mysterious symbols.[8] Ability:- Comprehension of Dao bone & search for the Dao.

Nine Worlds[]

In the Nine Worlds no one knows the Four Symbols' true purpose. It is believed that if one could understand the truths of all Four Symbols, he would be able to obtain the Heaven's Will and become an Immortal Emperor.[8]

At completion of the Second Awakening the Spring of Life will be flooded with the Water of Life, the Soul Fire in Cauldron of Life will be ignited, the leaves of Tree of Life will start to spring to life and radiate infinite life energy, while Pillar of Life will start to exert a heavy pressure and the symbols on its body will start to move around like they had their own consciousness.[10]

Tenth World[]

In the Tenth World, one can study the mystery of the Four Symbols only if they have 3 Heaven's Will as a Grand Emperor or Immortal Monarch, or 3 United Totems as an High God.[?]

Three Immortals World[]

Cultivators in the Three Immortals World began studying the Four Symbols, before opening the Fate Palace.[?]

Eight Desolates[]

In this current epoch, the four symbols had a pivotal role on the same level as the fate palaces. When using the mantra to absorb the worldly, dao power, and chaos energy, they entered the fate palace to be refined by the four symbols in accordance with the mantra’s guideline. They eventually turned into chaos true energy. This true energy would craft a dao foundation around the true fate.

Cultivators in the Eight Desolates began studying the Four Symbols, after opening the Fate Palace as a Mortal Shell.

Fate Palace Opening[]

The Fate Palace of mortals is closed, and the soul and spirits are at rest. One had to knock on the Fate Palace to wake the souls and spirits up in order to channel their power, then one could start to cultivate. The higher the innate talent of cultivator is, the less knocks are needed to open the Fate Palace.[7]

Even the lowest of talents could open the Fate Palace in one day if fast, ten days if slow.[11] More than three days, is already considered a bad result and a very low talent.[8]

For a genius, especially someone with a Saint Fate Palace, the process of opening the Fate Palace is extremely easy because their souls and spirits are formidable. According to rumors a person with a Saint Fate Palace only had to knock once before opening his Palace.[7]

Number of Fate Palaces[]

“ Nine deserves utmost veneration, Ten embodies extreme perfection, Eleven creates a miracle across the eons, and Twelve decides the Immortal Emperor's throne! „[12]

Every person is born with one Fate Palace, where the True Fate reside, known as the Master Palace.[6]

Opening more Palaces[]

Once cultivators reach higher realms of Cultivation, they have the opportunity to open more Palaces, called Vice Palaces or Servant Palaces.[6] Normally the Servant Palaces are different from the Master Palace, but in the case of the Immortal Fate Palace all of them are identical.[13]

Nine Worlds[]

Depending on the cultivation realm a cultivator can open a different number of palaces:

All cultivators at the Ancient Saint level and higher has at least 4 Fate Palaces.

Tenth World[]

One has three chances to open Fate Palaces. Between 1 and 4 Fate Palaces can be opened each time. These opportunities are at specific realms:

  • 1 to 4 (Up to 4 in total) at the Dao Serpent level.
  • 1 to 4 (Up to 8 in total) at the ?? (Maybe at 11th realm, Dao King)
  • 1 to 4 (Up to 12 in total) at the ?? (Maybe at 13th realm, Dao Venerate)

All cultivators at the Grand Emperor/Immortal Monarch level has at least 3 Fate Palaces.[?]

Three Immortals World[]

One can choose to begin opening Fate Palaces at True God realm or at True Emperor realm. The choice afects the Cultivation Path (If one opens a Fate Palace at True God realm, it would never be posible to reach the True Emperor realm and one has to follow the path of Godhood). In either cases, one has to open 12 Fate Palaces to reach a higher level. All cultivators at the Immortal True God or First Ancestor level has 12 Fate Palaces.[?]

Eight Desolates[]

Then the cultivator reaches the grand level. This is the time to open more fate palaces.

Everyone is born with one and opening more is a requirement for breaking through. One palace, one realm. There are a total of twelve realms from Mortal Shell to Golden Avatar or Heavenly Sovereign. This means that a Dao Lord would have twelve palaces. At the same time, each realm makes the four symbols inside the palace one foot longer. Therefore, a Dao Lord has symbols spanning for twenty-one feet.

Each realm allowed the formation of one fate palace. However, this process was only truly completed at the grand level when the particular fate palace became available for use - a full opening.


Cultivators can create a "World" inside their Fate Palaces. Upon reaching certain number of Fate Palaces:

11 Fate Palaces[]

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Up to the Current Era, only five cultivators in the history were able to open 11 Fate Palaces:[16]

  1. Immortal Emperor Gu Chun[16]
  2. Immortal Emperor Fei[16]
  3. South Emperor[17] (In the 9th Worlds)
  4. unknown[16]
  5. unknown[16]

Four more people were able to achieve this in the Current Era:

  1. Li Qiye[18]
  2. Mei Aonan[19]
  3. Long Jingxian[13]
  4. Long Aotian[20]
  5. South Emperor (In the Tenth World)

12 Fate Palaces[]

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Until the Current Era only Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng was known to successfully open 12 Fate Palaces.[16] There were other cultivators who successfully opened 12 Fate Palace but hadn't made other know about it or were overshadowed by the current Immortal Emperor.[?]

In the Current Era, Li Qiye became the second cultivator in history who had opened 12 Fate Palaces.[21]

Long Jingxian became the third cultivator in the Nine Worlds who have opened 12 Fate Palaces, thanks to her Immortal Fate Palace.[22]

In the Tenth World there are other cultivators who have opened 12 Fate Palaces, for example the World Emperor.[?]

In the Eight Desolates there are all cultivators Dao Lord or Heavenly Sovereign who have opened 12 Fate Palaces.[?]

13 Fate Palaces[]

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12 Fate Palaces is a legendary maximum.[14] The Nigong Meridian could only contain a maximum of twelve palaces. Forcefully opening further palaces would only result in the destruction of the Nigong Meridian, along with the other palaces.[23]

Li Qiye is the first person in the history who managed to open the 13th Fate Palace. He used the energy from the mysterious pond at the end of the Path of Death to strengthen his Nigong Meridian and built the 13th Fate Palace.[24]

The opening of the 13th Fate Palace is a matter forbidden by Heavens. Once it is opened, it would trigger the Heavenly Tribulation to kill the cultivator.[25]

Fate Palace Destruction[]

If a cultivator's Fate Palace is destroyed he or she would die.[?]


  • The Fate Palace is comparable with the Dantian (core) in other novels.
  • Nine stars Eternal Prestige meant that one would have their own sky, and twelve palaces forming the heavens meant that having nine stars was a requirement to reach twelve Fate Palaces in the future!.[14] (In the Nine Worlds).
  • In this current epoch, the four symbols had a pivotal role on the same level as the fate palaces.
  • In this current epoch, both mortals and cultivators had four symbols right after birth. Moreover, they are all nine feet long.

“ “ Born with nine, perfect with ten. Shed one’s mortal body and exchange one’s bones. „ „[26]

  • In this current epoch, An inborn true fate gives one incredible talent like the favourites of the heaven. Merit laws and mantra restrictions no longer apply.


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    1. It was translated as Shang Dantian in Chapter #0030(WuxiaWorld).
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