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Desolate Era

The Fate Changing technique was most likely created by Li Qiye and Alchemy God during the Desolate Era. They even worked on the Immortal Fate Palace from the legends. Later on, Li Qiye performed True Fate Changing a few times.[1]

Current Era

In Current Era no one knew more about Fate Changing than Li Qiye. He used this technique to advance Chi Xiaodao's Fate Palace.[1]


The Fate Changing is a profound alchemic technique, that can change person's Fate Palace. However, it is considered as a violation of Heavens' will and brings the Heaven's Tribulation.[1]

The Fate Changing is an extremely mystical art; some Legendary Alchemists spend their entire lives in the study of this art, but still not able to understand it.[1]

There are two levels of this art:


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