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The Fate Calamity (命厄) is one of the two great disasters that every cultivator should face. This disaster would appear at the last step of Mysterious Fate stage and it would be necessary surpass it to reach the Star Plucking level.

The Fate Calamity is a demon from the heart. The biggest issue of this disaster is not to surpass Fate Calamity itself, but to completely destroy all the heart demons. If some heart demon remains, it could reappear many years later and cause troubles.[1]

The Fate Calamity's difficulty depends on the stability of person's cultivation. While quickly rising one's level of cultivation may be beneficial in the short-term perspective, it will leave behind defects. These defects will be a fatal danger later on; especially during the Fate Calamity and the Life Reduction.[2]


The Fate Calamity manifests itself in the horizon as a huge gate full of dark energy. Once it opens, many evil images will descend from the sky.[3]


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