She was inside of the Wooden Coffin found by Xiong Qianbei; which, according to Li Qiye, was naturally created by the heaven and earth.[1]

Current Era

She was awoken by Li Qiye. She couldn't remember her past life or even her own name, so Li Qiye named her Fairy because she came from a distant place.[1]

Li Qiye took her to the Bonesea to help her regain her memories, but she had an outburst due to it.[2] After controlling the situation she lost consciousness.[3] After she woke they parted ways.[4]


She is an extremely beautiful woman beyond the limits of the brush and ink. Words failed to convey the sight of her. Her beauty had reached an unrealistic level. Any other woman would be overshadowed by her beauty. She is matchless and had a profound and immaculate gaze that stole the light from the celestials in the sky, causing them to be too ashamed to show themselves. Her figure, with flawless curves, was out of this world. Even the most scrutinizing gaze would fail to find any flaws. Her body seemed to be one with the world, the most beautiful of all objects. Her oval face was exquisitely stunning, an impeccable masterpiece of the heavens. Anyone who caught sight of it would be in awe and shock. Even though she wore a plain white dress, this didn't diminish her presence. She was someone who didn't require any decoration, jewelry was simply superfluous. This ordinary dress was the most suitable for her. Its simplistic style when adorned by her created the most beautiful charm.[1]

She was a fairy of the ages, groomed for an eternity with the aura of time, empowered by the spirit of the world. She had a charm that others could never hope to attain. It was an innate aura. One either had it at birth or didn't.[1]


According to Li Qiye, she is even stronger than an Immortal Emperor.[6] She was able to injure Puresun Daoist, a Godking with the Indestructible Diamond Immortal Physique at Half Completion, with just a touch of her finger.[7]


  • From Li Qiye's comment: "What is impossible to deceive in this world? Maybe only the judgement of the heaven and earth." it can be assumed that, perhaps, Fairy was the Earth, opposed to the Heavens.[8]


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