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Current Era

In the Current Era, Su Yonghuang believed that she was born with the Minor Sky Physique, King Physique from the Solar Immortal Physique's family. She cultivated the Solar Immortal Physique, but have problems with it. Later on, Li Qiye revealed to her that she was actually the Complete Yang Saint Physique and taught her Extreme Yang Physique Merit Law.[1]


The Extreme Yang Physique is one of the 12 Immortal Physiques; it originates from the word "Yang".[2]

The Extreme Yang Immortal Physique enables the cultivator to generate an amazing level of heat and melt absolutely everything.[8] It manifests as a sun that rises in front of the cultivator's chest. This extreme fire could turn into different forms to attack the enemies and burn them to ashes.[9]

Merit Laws and Techniques


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