“ If you could't find a suitable husband or wife at the Exquisite Valley, then you wouldn't be able to find one at all in the Nine Worlds and doomed to live a single life till old. „[1]



The Exquisite Valley is the largest human lineage in the Heaven Spirit World. Its strength is unbelievably mighty and it had two brilliant aspects:

  1. It has the most dashing males and beautiful females.
  2. It has the finest and most comprehensive bloodlines of the Human Race.

Of course, this was putting things tactfully. To be frank, the Exquisite Valley is a place that produces suitable reproduction partners for other races and lineages.[1]

Due to the inter-marriage relationships, the Exquisite Valley had ties with many lineages in the Heaven Spirit World, allowing them to have a matchless amount of connections.[1]


The Exquisite Valley is situated in the Abyss Sea region of the Heaven Spirit World.[2]


  • 2 Character(s) from Exquisite Valley
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