It's not a Heavenly Beast nor Longevity Spirit, but something much more terrifying. The other two could be killed, but this mysterious thing is difficult to slay. It is incredibly hard beyond imagination. As long as some of its roots are still there, it will remain alive and plan for its resurrection.[1]

Ancient Ming Era

Main article: Battle of Dark Crow and Xue Xi vs Evil Typha Tree

Dark Crow first fought against Evil Typha Tree during the Ancient Ming Era. He brought Xue Xi to the Evil Infested Ridge, but due to the accident during the battle, Evil Typha Tree managed to survive.[2]

Emperors Era

Main article: Battle of Dark Crow and Min Ren vs Evil Typha Tree

Their next battle happened many years later. At the start of the Emperors Era he brought Immortal Emperor Min Ren to the Evil Infested Ridge and they joined forces with Cassia Lotus Tree to eradicate Evil Typha Tree. Min Ren burned entire Ridge and refined the earth in order to destroy Evil Typha Tree's chance of resurrection.[3][4]

Current Era

Main article: Opening of Evil Infested Ridge

Millions of years later — at the start of the Current EraLi Qiye regained his original body. He entered the Evil Infested Ridge again and discovered that Evil Typha Tree was still alive despite all of his previous efforts.[3]


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