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Evil Typha Tree was a legendary evil existence born during the Legendary Era. It spent millions of years to mature and reached its Grand Dao during the Desolate Era. It then became an overlord of the Evil Infested Ridge (that likely got its name because of it) with only one existence comparable to it — Six Dao Lotus. The two were enemies for millions of years.[1]

At its apex, Evil Typha Tree was almost invincible; capable to slay and devour everyone who meets it.[2] It was not a Heavenly Beast nor Longevity Spirit, but something much more terrifying. The other two could be killed, but Evil Typha Tree was difficult to slay; as long as some of its roots were still there, it will remain alive and plan for its resurrection.[3]

Ancient Ming Era

Main article: Battle of Dark Crow and Xue Xi vs Evil Typha Tree

During the Ancient Ming Era the Evil Infested Ridge was visited by Dark Crow and Xue Xi and they fought with Evil Typha Tree multiple times.[4]

Eventually, after Xue Xi became an Immortal Emperor and they teamed-up with Six Dao Lotus, they were able to defeat Evil Typha Tree. Forced into corner, Evil Typha Tree sent away its First Root and seed. The seed was attacked by Xue Xi and Six Dao Lotus; it escaped, but had almost zero hope to survive. In meanwhile, the First Root managed to escape unscathed. Dark Crow and Xue Xi were unable to catch it, so Six Dao Lotus was forced to sent its own First Root to chase after Evil Typha Tree's root. Two roots wrapped around each other, rushed underground and continuously fought ever since.[1]

The lose of First Root meant death for both trees. Six Dao Lotus only partially survived with the help of Dark Crow and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi, while Evil Typha Tree managed to survive on its own. Greatly weakened it hid deep underground to slowly regrow.[1]

Emperors Era

Main article: Battle of Dark Crow and Min Ren vs Evil Typha Tree

Their next battle happened many years later. At the start of the Emperors Era Dark Crow brought Immortal Emperor Min Ren to the Evil Infested Ridge and they joined forces with Cassia Lotus Tree to eradicate Evil Typha Tree. Min Ren burned entire Ridge and refined the earth in order to destroy Evil Typha Tree's chance of resurrection.[5][6]

Current Era

Main article: Opening of Evil Infested Ridge

Millions of years later — at the start of the Current EraLi Qiye regained his original body. He — alongside thousands of other cultivators — entered the Evil Infested Ridge again and discovered that Evil Typha Tree was still alive despite all of his previous efforts.[5]

Evil Typha Tree demonstrated some of its might to fool cultivators and convince them what there was a weapon of God-Monarch in the Evil Infested Ridge.[7] The cultivators were lured into Evil Typha Tree's nest. It enthralled them with more and more treasures, forcing them to go deeper, while slowly surrounding all exits with its roots until they have no way to escape.[8]

Li Qiye also went into the nest, but unlike others he was there to kill Evil Typha Tree. He tried multiple methods to lure it out, but Tree realized his intentions and didn't take the bait. Without other choices Li Qiye decided to activate Dao Platform — a trap and weapon created Immortal Emperor Xue Xi and later enforced by Immortal Emperor Min Ren specifically to deal with Evil Typha Tree. To his surprise, Li Qiye finally found the First Roots of Evil Typha Tree and Six Dao Lotus on the Dao Platform; after millions of years the two roots fused with each other and transformed into Six Dao Sword.[9]


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    1. Evil Typha Tree managed to survive in the fight against two Immortal Emperors — Xue Xi and Min Ren
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