The exact origin of the Evil Infested Ridge had been long forgotten. It is not a Burial Ground nor an Ancestral Earth, and can not be trully compared with them, but still it is a rare ground with treasures and riches. The Evil Infested Ridge had an abundance of godly ores, a plethora of spirit medicines and herbs, and it is inhabited by Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits of various types and age.[1]

Ancient Ming Era

First battle against Evil Typha Tree

Main article: Battle of Dark Crow and Xue Xi vs Evil Typha Tree

In the Ancient Ming Era Dark Crow and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi set up the Slaughtering Evil Formation as a weapon against the Evil Typha Tree, however, before they used it, the Cassia Lotus Tree attacked the Evil Typha Tree and destroyed most of it. Dark Crow and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi then merged the Six Dao Lotus with the Cassia Lotus Tree in order in ensure its survival.[?]

Emperors Era

Second battle against Evil Typha Tree

Main article: Battle of Dark Crow and Min Ren vs Evil Typha Tree

At the beginning of the Emperors Era Dark Crow and Min Ren came back to the Evil Infested Ridge only to find that the Evil Typha Tree had regrown and was trying to stage a comeback against the Cassia Lotus Tree they then worked together as Min Ren was almost Immortal Emperor to supress the Evil Typha Tree once more which they succesfully achieved and believed to have destroyed it.[?]

Little Silly

Dark Crow left Little Silly in the west part of the Ridge, and asked Immortal Emperor Min Ren to use imperial Amnesty Decree to protect the area from intrusions.[2]

Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom

Min Ren brought the Evil Infested Ridge to the Grand Middle Territory and it became a part of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom.[3]

Immortal Emperor Min Ren placed a seal inside of the Evil Infested Ridge that prevented anyone above the Ancient Saint level from entering.[4] Even a Virtuous Paragon would be killed if they tried to force their way in, and only another Immortal Emperor could enter without problem.[?]

For millions of years the Evil Infested Ridge was the hunting ground for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and due to the Sect's strength no one dared to trespass.[1]

Difficult Dao Era

The situation changed by the end of the Emperors Era. When the Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom was destroyed by the Heavenly God Sect, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect lost control over almost all its former territory, including the Evil Infested Ridge.[5][1]

In the eyes of various nations and sects, the Evil Infested Ridge was an alluring treasury and all of them wanted a part of it. So, even though the Heavenly God Sect defeated Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, it did not dare to own the Evil Infested Ridge alone and had to share it with the rest of the world. However, only grand sects and powerful nations were qualified to enter the Evil Infested Ridge, while the small sects and ordinary cultivators could not enter.[1]

To the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect the most humilating part was not the lose of the Evil Infested Ridge per se, but their inability to enter it ever since. Because of their decline in power, the Sect was treated as a third-rate one and thus was not qualified to enter the Ridge.[1]

Throughout the Difficult Dao Era countless sects had entered the Evil Infested Ridge. Due to the dangers inside many Royal Nobles and even some Enlightened Beings had died in this place.[3]

Current Era

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The Evil Infested Ridge opened again at the start of the Current Era. Many sects and nations, including Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, Jiangzuo Clan, Southern Heavenly Kingdom, Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and others, entered the Ridge. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect also came this time, led by Li Qiye.[6]



Cassia Lotus Tree reside in the southern part of the Evil Infested Ridge.[7]


West part of the Ridge was placed under protection of Immortal Emperor Min Ren's Amnesty Decree. Little Silly lived in this area for millions of years until its death.[2]


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