Greatest Eternal in history from the Immortal Demon system came from Longevity Hall - Everlasting Jiang.

Everlasting Jiang was second to only Everlasting Forefather in Immortal Demon.

Everlasting Jiang was renowned in Immortal Demon System and earned the respect of other masters, only second to Everlasting Forefather.

Famous it may be, Everlasting Jiang wasn’t actually his real name. His name at birth was Jiang Ba but no progeny remembered his name later on. People only knew him as Everlasting Jiang, the most brilliant Everlasting of them all.

Not to mention Immortal Demon, he was a shining star hanging high above the river of history in Immortal Lineage.

Plenty of tales were sung about him. He became an everlasting at the age of twelve. Next at twenty-five years of age, he defeated a progenitor at the myriad level - Truefire Progenitor.

These achievements were insane and unprecedented. That’s why he was considered as part of the Decemvirate. In fact, some believed that he was among the top five of that list.[1]

He is a Fardao Everlasting.

He cultivate inside the Immortal Demon Grotto of Mountguard Sect.[2]


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