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The Eternal River School is the Sect with three Immortal Emperors. It is one of the most ancient heritages in the Mortal Emperor World; it was created by Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui during the Desolate Era.[1]

Current Era

In Current Era the Eternal River School is the Hundred Cities' number one sect, even in the entire Mortal Emperor World, this name is like thunder next to one's ears.[2] It can be considered a true behemoth, and no one could shake it.[3] There are only few existences capable of being compared to the Eternal River School, such as the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain.[2] The descendants of these two sects have a tradition of competing against each other; recently Mei Suyao went to the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain for this competition, before coming to the Lion's Roar Country.[4]


The Eternal River School is situated in the Hundred Cities region of the Mortal Emperor World.[3]


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