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The Emperors Era is the only Era with complete records is the present day.[30] Immortal Emperor Min Ren started this Era[1] and during it many more Immortal Emperors rose to power. The Emperors Era is widely acknowleadged as the golden age of cultivators.[?]

The Emperors Era ended 30,000 years ago, when Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was killed by Black Dragon King and the Heaven's Will was torn apart, which caused the start of the Difficult Dao Era.[27] However, some people believe that the Emperors Era is still ongoing since the Difficult Dao Era was too short and couldn't be considered an Era of its own.[30]


The exact order of succession of Immortal Emperors is mostly unknown. Here are listed the few known parts.

Min Ren's generation

Zhen Yu's generation

Mu Tian's generation

. . .

It is unknown if Yi Shi and Er Shi were born before Hao Hai or after Hong Tian.

Yi Shi's generation

unknown Immortal Emperor's generation

Er Shi's generation

. . .

Hao Hai's generation

Dao Huai's generation

Thousand Emperors Gate's third Emperor's generation

Thousand Emperors Gate's fourth Emperor's generation

Hong Tian's generation

. . .

The next few Immortal Emperors are known to be born sometime after Hong Tian's generation, but the exact order is unknown.

Bing Yu's generation

Qilin's generation

Jin She's generation

Jing Yu's generation

Shi Feng's generation

Diyi Jian's generation

. . .

Ming Du's generation

Black Dragon King's generation

Qian Li's generation
Yin Tian's generation
Ta Kong's generation
50,000 years ago
~50,000 - 30,000 years ago


  • 52 Appearance(s) of Emperors Era
  • 24 Race(s) from Emperors Era
  • 173 Character(s) from Emperors Era
  • 166 Location(s) from Emperors Era
  • 89 Item(s) from Emperors Era
  • 64 Technique(s) from Emperors Era
  • 9 Event(s) during Emperors Era



    1. 1.0 1.1 It wasn't specified in chapters, but since they were born in Ancient Ming Era, it is likely that Zhen Yu and Mu Tian were the second and third Emperors of the Emperors Era.
    2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 His lineage hadn't participated in the Divine Beast Realm's destruction, hence it was created after Hong Tian's generation.
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