Emperor Kraken is a Sea Monster. It ravaged the Dragon Demon Sea for a short period of time during the Emperors Era.[1]

A God-Monarch once challenged him but was torn to pieces alive.[1]

Later on, Emperor Kraken was defeated and sealed away by Lithodidae Sea God.[1]

Current Era

Lithodidae Overlord used his ancestor's decree to control Emperor Kraken. He ordered it to attack Li Qiye, but Li Qiye used its low intelligence to easily defeat Emperor Kraken. Li Qiye then throw it out of the Dragon Demon Sea towards the boundless horizon.[1][2]


Emperor Kraken is a gigantic kraken, capable of easily crushing great mountains. Its body itself is monstrous in size with eyes that resembled two bright moons and tentacles that are thousand miles long. Just by moving tentacles Emperor Kraken can cause a stormy tsunamis that towered for countless miles. Moreover, each of them has huge feelers capable of devouring everything like tiny black holes.[1]


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