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Emperor's Possession[note 1] is an ordinary object, or even an entire building, that, after being used by an Immortal Emperor for a long time, absorbed a bit of Immortal Emperor's consciousness and power and gained some unique powers.[1]

Emperor's Possessions are created unintentionally so their power is limited; Emperor's Possession can be used for a finite number of times before spending all of its energy.[2] The strength of the Emperor's Possession depends on how long it stayed with Immortal Emperor. For example, Immortal Emperor Min Ren's Ancient Zither and the Zither Pavilion were extremely powerful Emperor's Possessions as they were used by Immortal Emperor Min Ren all his life.[3][2]

As they carry the power of an Immortal Emperor, Emperor's Possessions are more powerful than any Life or True Treasures with the exception of the Immortal Emperor Life and True Treasures.[1]

To use an Emperor's Possession one need to connect with Immortal Emperor's consciousness hidden inside; it requires patience and careful procedure.[1]

Known Emperor's Possessions[]

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Name Immortal Emperor Status
Min Ren's dual blades Min Ren Destroyed
Min Ren's self-portrait Min Ren Exists
Ancient Zither Min Ren Destroyed
Zither Pavilion Min Ren Exists
Tun Ri's Tiled Seat Tun Ri Exists
Wan Shi's Rock Wan Shi Exists
Little Wooden Horse unknown Exists
Inkstone Ta Kong Exists
Ring Qing Xuan or San Dao Destroyed


  • 12 Appearance(s) of Emperor's Possessions
  • 5 Emperor's Possessions


    1. It was named differently in different chapters: (仙物: Immortal Items), (帝物: Emperor Items) and (仙帝诸物: Immortal Emperor Items)
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