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This is the unofficial wiki for a web novel Emperor's Domination (帝霸) written by Yan Bi Xiao Sheng (厌笔萧生) published on Qidian. The novel is currently being translated by Bao and edited by Nacht on WuxiaWorld.

Novel Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ten million years ago, Li Qiye planted a simple water bamboo into the ground.

Eight million years ago, Li Qiye had a koi fish pet.

Five million years ago, Li Qiye cared for a little girl.

In the present day, Li Qiye woke up from his slumber; the water bamboo reached the apex of cultivation; the koi fish became a Golden Dragon; the little girl became the Nine Worlds' Immortal Empress.

This is a tale regarding an immortal human who was the teacher of the Demon Saint, Heavenly Beast, and Immortal Empress.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Emperor's Domination is a novel about a boy who had been trapped in the body of an immortal crow. Whilst inside the crow, he created the Alchemy Dao, trained Immortal Emperors and explored all of the Nine Worlds. The story begins as he is released from immortality and follows his adventures towards becoming the next ruler of heaven.

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