Nine Worlds has broken down and the world has reshaped. Since then, there has been no Nine Worlds, only Eight Desolates! Eight Desolates is the world reshaped in the broken world of Nine Worlds.[1]

It is unknown what form the Eight Desolates have taken from the fragments of the Nine Worlds, but it is possible it has taken the form of eight enormous landmasses connected through unknown means. Without the presence of Heaven's Will, there is no easy way to traverse between them.


There is a new cultivation system created to adapt to the restructuring and existence and presence of the Eight Desolates. Li Qiye's Grand Dao became the foundation for the most basic and commonly known cultivation laws, the Great Era Seven Laws.[2][3]

Great Era Seven Laws (大世七法)

  1. Primal Chaos Merit Law (混沌心法) [4]
  2. Heaven Splitting Merit Law (开天心法)
  3. Divinization Merit Law (封神心法)
  4. Myriad Things Merit Law (万物心法) [5]
  5. World Dao Merit Law (世道心法) [6]
  6. Exist the Demon Merit Law (存魔心法) [7]
  7. Samsara Merit Law (轮回心法) [8]

Also the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures take new forms and names, after being reopened by Li Qiye.

New Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures


  • 1 Character(s) from Eight Desolates
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