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Eight Desolates is the name of the new epoch that created by Li Qiye and world.

Li Qiye initiated the age of the Dao Lord's by introducing his New cultivation system and starting a new epoch. Immortal Emperors and other classifications were no longer around and forgotten.[1] From that today on, all living beings could look up and see the primordial tree growing in their world.[2]

Some refer to this date as the Primordial Start, Dawn of the World, or Epoch Creation. New pilgrimages began with the existence of the tree. Some began cultivating the Dao near and beneath it. Those capable of climbing up the tree showed their impeccable talents.

Many things took place in the next thirty thousand years. One person (Duck's Egg Buyer) successfully proved their dao first by the tree. Golden light illuminated the entire world as this person assumed a golden form and uttered the title - Dao Lord!

Later on, a swordsman with a diamond-like body rode his sword here and became enlightened with the dao (possibly Puresun Daoist). This earned him a dao fruit.

Many others managed to learn various arts and skills before disappearing from the world.

Monumental changes occurred in both the nine worlds and the thirteen continents. This period of thirty thousand years became known as the Resplendent Age.[2] The new epoch enjoyed prosperity and great development with waves of geniuses and rising sects.[1]

One day, the Primordial Tree suddenly disappeared from sight. No one knew what was going on or where the tree was now. Some Dao Lord's tried to calculate for an answer to no avail. Fortunately, everything remained normal even though the tree was gone. The nervous inhabitants gradually forgot the tree in time. Enough generations passed that the tree only belonge in the historical books. Some future descendants even questioned its existence.[2]

In the aftermath of War in the World of Death, the Nine Worlds broke down and the world has reshaped. One landmass was blown out of the Nine Worlds and some continents slammed into each other. The Nine Worlds' framework and barriers broke down so they started squeezing together. One burial ground was blown out of the Nine Worlds as well. The remaining parts became known as Eight Desolates.[1]

Many lineages turned to ashes overnight.[1] This era of chaos really weakened the cultivation world.[3]

After the chaos of destruction came new lives and races. Dao Lords proved themselves during this lost era, modeling the eight desolates and rebuilding the world barriers. Dragon Emperor (龙帝 - probably Space Dragon Emperor) and Azure Ancestor (苍祖) and one heroic woman with the last nam Li among others dominated the chaotic regions.[1]

A new prosperous era started with so-called immortals preaching the grand dao.[1] Blessed Dao Lord re-compiled and promoted the Li Qiye's Seven laws all over the land, never claiming to have created them.[3]


There is a new cultivation system created to adapt to the restructuring and existence and presence of the Eight Desolates.

Cultivators are organized as in the Nine Worlds, with e.g. sects and countries etc. Sects founded by Dao Lords are seemingly lacking additional imperial titles. General denominations include "(sect) inheritance" (门派传承 or 传承) and "great (ancient) sect" (大教 古派 or 大教 宗门).


It is unknown what form the Eight Desolates have taken from the fragments of the Nine Worlds, but it is possible it has taken the form of eight enormous landmasses connected through unknown means. Without the presence of Heaven's Will, there is no easy way to traverse between them.

Eight Desolates


There are multiple races in the Eight Desolates including humans, demons, Blood Race, Ghost Immortals, Stone Golems. Charming Spirits ,etc.....


  • 81 Character(s) from Eight Desolates
  • 23 Sect(s) from Eight Desolates
  • 6 Place(s) from Eight Desolates
  • 9 Race(s) from Eight Desolates
  • 4 Tribe(s) from Eight Desolates


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