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Du Yuanguang was an outer disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. His innate talents were above average; thus, many referred to him as the "Little Genius". He had only joined the sect for five years, but already reached the pinnacle stage of Provisional Palace. As long as he could successfully pass this year's examination, he could become an inner disciple.[1]

Li Shuangyan

Du Yuanguang had a strong crush for Li Shuangyan. During his entrance examination to the sect, she was one of the main organizers. When he saw her for the first time, he was smitten. He also thought that she recognized his skills and talents since she accepted him. Du Yuanguang had great confidence in his ability and wished for her to become his Dao partner.[1]

Li Qiye

When Li Qiye came to the Nine Saint Demon Gate to marry Li Shuangyan, since he was a mere mortal and very arrogant, Du Yuanguang was enraged and wanted to kill him.[1]

He accused Li Qiye of stealing the treasures and used it as an excuse to attack him. Li Qiye immediately saw through his excuses and ridiculed his plan, saying that if Li Shuangyan really is so beautiful and talented, as they say, she certainly wouldn't care about someone like Du Yuanguang. This angered Du Yuanguang even more, while Li Qiye nonchalantly challenged him to a fight.[2]

This fight was seen as a joke by everyone in the Nine Saint Demon Gate, since Li Qiye was a mortal, while Du Yuanguang was at the Provisional Palace level, but very soon they were utterly flabbergasted, when Li Qiye used the Martial Art with Mortal Grade Swords to effortlessly and ruthlessly kill Du Yuanguang with just one strike, while lamenting that he didn't practiced with it well enough.[3]



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