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The Drystone Courtyard is one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds. It is considered to be one of the top three most dangerous among them. People without a strong cultivation will be petrified in the moment they set a foot inside of the Drystone Courtyard.[1] Many Virtuous Paragons died there and even several Immortal Emperors barely escaped with their lives.[2] The petrification increases its strength when one goes further inside. However if one rides a special Wooden Horse is posible to prevent the petrification.[1]


  • The Alchemy Kingdom has a portal to the Drystone Courtyard; it is one of the few shortcuts to the Drystone Courtyard in present times, but its success rate is very low.[2]
  • The Bi'an Beastworld has a more stable portal that can reach the Drystone Courtyard without problems.[3]


Due to petrification, the Drystone Courtyard is filled with many statues but there are several existences that retain their awareness:


The Drystone Courtyard is situated in the Stone Medicine World,[7] but its exact location is unknown.[8][note 1] The Drystone Courtyard is only a yard, an extremely large yard, that looks like an abandoned garden of a wealthy family.[1]



  • Era Petrification Ray: this hidden technique is the source of the petrification on Drystone Courtyard. It is situated in the farthest location of the courtyard.[10]


  • Provenance’s Splendor
  • Bluesky Water


  • 1 Character(s) from Drystone Courtyard


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