The Dream Empyrean is considered to be the oldest lineage of the Charming Spirit Race with the most orthodox and purest bloodline out of all the Charming Spirits. However, according to Li Qiye, the oldest and purest lineage of the Charming Spirit Race is actually the Buzhan Clan.[1]

The Dream Empyrean was created by Shen Mengtian, the Charming Spirit who cultivated his Divine Reflection beyond all the other Charming Spirits and surpassed the limit. His achievement in this regard was at the very peak. Even though the Dream Empyrean never produced an Immortal Emperor, their Divine Reflection far exceeds that of other Charming Spirits, so they never had a lack of talents.[1]

Current Era

The Dream Empyrean was destroyed by Li Qiye.[2]


The Dream Empyrean is situated in the Dragon Demon Sea region of the Heaven Spirit World.[3]


  • 4 Character(s) from Dream Empyrean


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