Dracoform is the supreme elder of Vermillion Martial Court and virtually peerless in Myriad. He has not appeared in a long time so he is considered as a legend. People would only occasionally bring him up during story-time.[1]

Nevertheless he came into being in irder to make Wu Bingning marry Mu Shaochen, whom he hoped would help the Court to restore their lost arts - the twelve variations[2] and obtain their progenitor's Martial Dao Truncheon.[3] Mu Shaochen took advantage from his greed, releasing the heart devil of Martial Ancestor, who would have brought destruction to the Court if Dracoform did not sacrifice himself enabling Li Qiye to revoke the damage. Thus he was able to undo his mistake and died without regret.[4]


He wears a gray robe, lacking the same fanfare as other experts. However, each of his steps makes the earth tremble. He appears experienced, still stately despite his old age, like an unstoppable martial artist.

His body is perfect, devoid of unnecessary muscles or fat.[1]

Dracoform does not seem like an imperious old man since he is quite simple looking, on the verge of returning to the origin.

However, he commands attention at all times as if he is the center of the world.[5]




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