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The Dongting Lake (洞庭湖: Grotto Court Lake) is the Human Race's third largest base (after the Exquisite Valley and the Peacock Land) and its second-biggest lineage in the Heaven Spirit World.[1]

The Dongting Lake was established by the former members of the Silver Fox Legion;[2] the faithful followers of Dark Crow. They were ancestors of the Hong Clan, Xu Clan, Zhang Clan and Lin Clan and friends for generations. Their clans all followed Dark Crow, but eventually settled down and created the Dongting Lake.[3]


Since the three clans were once a followers of Dark Crow, the Dongting Lake had a special status in the Heaven Spirit World.[3] While the Human Race in the Heaven Spirit World was weak, the Dongting Lake still managed to occupy the Lake, a wonderful location with a lot of resources, and no one tried to take it over from them.[1]

Ironically, the Dongting Lake's future generations forgot the glorious past of their ancestors long ago. Even they didn't knew about the Lake's special status. Three clans fought each other for power and the Zhang Clan was forced to leave the Lake.[3]

Current Era

In the past the Dongting Lake was similar to the Peacock Land in that humans were unrestrained here,[4] but this changed later on. Currently, both cultivators and mortals must accept the management of the Lake in order to stay here. Even so it was quite populated and held considerable influence.[1]


The Dongting Lake is situated close to the Rainbow City in the Giant Dragon Mountain Range.[1]



As a lake within an ocean, the Dongting Lake is a miracle of the Heaven Spirit World. The lake is surrounded by undulating mountains that formed a circle. There were still blue waves within the lake. The islands in the vicinity were quite beautiful as well.

The Dongting Lake has plenty of space and is rich with various kinds of treasures. The mountains nearby are full of spirit vegetation. The lake itself also produced many rare treasures. There were rumors of a spring below the lake with plenty of divine metals and ores.[1]


  • Dongting Lake is a real-life lake in northeastern Hunan province of China.


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