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Diyi Jian (第一箭: Number One Arrow) was a Mixed-Blood Stone Golem. At a young age, he was adept at using the bow. Although he reached a high level with the Bow, he swapped to a different weapon to prove his Dao and became an Immortal Emperor before returning to archery once more.[1] Diyi Jian reigned with his unbeatable bow and arrows, there was even a legend that he used just one arrow to kill an immortal.[2]

Diyi Jian founded the Jian Clan.[2]

In the Tenth World, Diyi Jian becomes enraged at an 11 Totem High God who goes on a killing spree to consume innocents in order to advance further. This causes Diyi Jian to use his most profound Daos in an Ultimate Arrow to slay him, however this brings down a Heavenly Tribulation that kills Diyi Jian.[3]}


  • Osseous Bow
  • Imperial City


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