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The Divine Tree Ridge is a giant tree that fell on Godhalt Continent. A real monster of an existence.[1] It has a connection to the origin of the Treants.[2]

The Divine Tree Ridge is one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds and believed to be one of the safest among them, second only to the Buddhist Burial Plateau. However, while Divine Tree Ridge appears to be safe, it is only a veil; it is as dangerous as other Burial Grounds.[3]

The Divine Tree Ridge is inhabited by the Withered and they are the only Race that could live here.[3]


The Divine Tree Ridge is located in the Godhalt Continent of the Heaven Spirit World.[4]


The Divine Tree Ridge is a mountain range that stretched for thousands or even tens of thousands of miles. It is different from ordinary mountains, because it is not situated on the ground but rather pinned itself to the ground. The peaks are inserted into the ground while the base aimed straight for the sky in an unimaginable fashion. With this perspective in mind, the mountain ranges here looked like branches from a great tree taking root in the earth.[3]

The Divine Tree Ridge has an aura of boundless lifeforce. People would feel as if they were bathing in its energy at any corner of the Ridge, resulting in an indescribably pleasant sensation. Regardless of how tired, weak, or old one might be, everything would be different while standing on this land. Fatigue would be swept away, the weak would become stronger, and the old would feel younger.[3]


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