Divine Spark Prince was the prince of the Divine Spark Country and the younger brother of Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden.[1]

Divine Spark Prince was overly arrogant, even though he himself wasn't powerful or famous. Instead, as a beloved brother of Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden and brother-in-law of Di Zuo, Divine Spark Prince used them as his backing to supress others.[2]


Divine Spark Prince led a group of the Divine Spark Country's disciples into the Necropolis.[1]


They first went to the Nigthsea to caught Yang Nightfish.[1]

Coffin-Tapping Imp Auction

Around a month later, Divine Spark Prince went to the Coffin-Tapping Imp Auction. He arrived just in time to scold Ye Sha for his arrogant behavior. Divine Spark Prince used his sister's name to supress and humilate Ye Sha and to garner attention of other geniuses. He announced that his brother-in-law, Di Zuo, will personally arrive at the Necropolis, if the Prime Ominous Grave opens.[3]


His body is surounded by the divine flames. The flames that danced on his body turns into divine rings right behind him; the rings made him seem as if he was protected by gods.[1]


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