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Acording to rumors, the founder of the Divine Spark Country was a True God. At least his descendants are calling themselves a divine race.[1]

Current Era

In the Current Era, the Divine Spark Country is a first-rate power in the Distant Cloud region. Although the Divine Spark Country can't be compared with the Imperial Lineages, their power and prestige has drastically increased after their princess, Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden, became a fiancée of Di Zuo, Prime Descendant of the Myriad Bones Throne.[1]


Divine Spark Prince led a group of the Divine Spark Country's disciples into the Necropolis in the Nether Border region. They first went to the Nigthsea to caught Yang Nightfish. Around a month later they visited the Coffin-Tapping Imp Auction.[1][2]


The Divine Spark Country is situated in the Distant Cloud region of the Sacred Nether World.[1]


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