The Divine Reflection is a natural gift of the Charming Spirit Race; thanks to it they are the race most suitable for cultivation. According to rumors the Divine Reflection was bestowed to the Charming Spirit Race by the Heavens since they are its favored children.[1]

The Divine Reflection is inborn, but it awakens only after cultivator reaches a certain level.[1]

When activated, the Divine Reflection appears as a mirror behind,[2] a black abyss[3] or as a full moon above the user.[4]

Shen Mengtian and Dream Empyrean

Shen Mengtian cultivated his Divine Reflection to the level beyond all the other Charming Spirits in history. His achievement in this regard was at the very peak. Shen Mengtian created the Dream Empyrean and, thanks to his legacy, it is widely recognized as the Charming Spirit Race's lineage with the best Divine Reflections.[5]

Meng Zhentian - disciple of the Dream Empyrean - possessed the second best Divine Reflection after Shen Mengtian.[6]


The Divine Reflection has many benefits:

  • Enhanced Comprehension: The basic ability of the Divine Reflection. Thanks to it, Charming Spirits didn't need to learn the profundities of the Dao; any complex and profound Merit Laws would become simple and easy to cultivate.[1] At its peak, as seen with Meng Zhentian, the Divine Reflection becomes similar to Immortal Soulbone and Immortal Fate Palace - it allows to instantly learn 60-80% of any Merit Law just by watching it be executed once.[?]
  • Projection: High-developed Divine Reflections could mimic beasts or other figures and use them to kill enemies.[7][6]
  • Seductive Gaze: Gongsun Meiyu's Divine Reflection allows her to bewitch and control people to freely use them as puppets.[2]
  • Divination: Shen Mengtian's Divine Reflection could see through both past and future, gazing into the mysteries of this world. Because of this, even Immortal Emperors have had to rely on him at times.[5]


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